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Monday, August 30, 2004

Are You Femme Enough? By Lydia Sargent

Znet article

Welcome to Hotel Satire where traditional values inhabit our tastefully decorated rooms, where the enterprise is free for those with the right background and breeding, where dad is in command, the kids are at his feet, mom is in the kitchen, lesbos are in jail, commies have all joined the Russian Mafia, and everyone is praying for Armageddon to come, and soon, so we can start over and get it right this time.
People, and you gals. Summer is coming. A time when all good gals contemplate what they will look like in shorts and bikinis, and ask that age old question (as depicted in the Vogue ad below): "Are you femme enough?" The answer is: No, you're not. Let's examine the following:.....

An intresting article aimed at natural women which makes me ask the taboo questions.....
Can some of us be trying to be TOO femme ? Is there such a thing as TOO femme ? and where should we draw the line, if any ?


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