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Monday, August 30, 2004

Lesbian Golfers By Lydia Sargent

Znet article

Yes, I'm angry about a lot of things, now that conservative women have told me I should be. But there's one thing that happened recently that's made me extremely angry, more angry than anything else.
It's not the presence in our society of lots of (mostly male) people trained by the military to bomb, strafe, maim, and kill; who kill innocent civilians and drive around with vanity license plates like "SIG HIL" (read Sieg Heil) and AK47. Rather, their existence makes me feel more secure and safe, inspite of recent events.
It's not the toxic chemicals spilling into our environment, in our neighborhoods, on our highways. Those who are bothered by this are PC ecologists concerned with the sex life of fish.
It's not the proposed Counter Terrorism Act of 1995 that would broaden FBI powers to investigate suspects through telephone wiretaps and easier access to documents such as financial records, telephone bills, and hotel registers. In fact, it doesn't go far enough. I think the FBI should be able to have TV cameras in all homes, workplaces, and offices of radical left groups. As long as they leave the SIG HIL people and the NRA folks alone to do their thing, the Act is okay with me. Pass it, the sooner the better.
It's not the fact that Disneyland, California is tearing down gender barriers, although this did tick me off a bit. "The whole park will be unisex," predicts attractions supervisor Bruce Kimbrell. Until recently, only men have been hired to play boat jockeys on the Jungle Ride, where guests pass water squirting elephants and stalking tigers. Gals have staffed Storybook Land, a children's fantasy ride where they point out miniature homes of Disney characters. Park officials are looking into hiring women to work in other male bastions--train locomotives and the steamboat.
This is shocking, but not what's got me really really angry.
It's not the news that women at the Strand night club in Boston are getting their own mosh pit. Moshing, in case you've missed this activity, is slam dancing, a hard core rite of angry white males. Fed up with watching guys bash one another to the beat of the music, the club's disc jockey now invites women to mosh exclusively by announcing, "I would like to create an all female zone -- Guys, stay out of the women's hair." Male moshers usually circle the gal mosh and cheer; this is all too liberated and has to go.
While this clearly threatens western civilization, it is not what has me so ticked off.
It's also not the news that at Lexington High School in Massachusetts the gals took top honors in their regional science fair, working on such projects as "Decaffeination using Cyclodextrin" and "The Effects of Growth Factors and Antioxidants on Glutamate Neurotoxicity." This is disgusting news, as is the news that a British woman has become the first women to climb Mt. Everest alone, without oxygen supplies. Or the civil rights law, Title IX, to help women collegiate athletes. This law is forcing the cutting of male wrestling, swimming, and gymnastic teams, say many, to make way for women's teams. It may even cut into some of the football and basketball team perks. Anything that cuts off male perks deserves a violent response or a new repressive law, in my view.
But these are perturbations compared to what's really pissing me off. What I'm angry about is that incredible social problem, that threat to free market capitalism and the family as prime consumer unit, that affront to society--lesbian professional golfers, and their boobs.


A very funny and pointed article. Read it in full here.


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