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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Merdeka, but not for transsexuals

The Malaysiakini
JJ Ray
Aug 24, 04 3:57pm

Malaysia will celebrate her 47th year of independence soon. While there is a great reason for all to rejoice, one particular group - the transsexuals - has valid reasons to feel otherwise.

Transsexuals in this country have no avenues to turn to for help or advice. They face instant discrimination, be it from the society or their family members for coming out as transsexuals or mak nyah (the term used locally).

Work is hard to come by for them because of their appearance and many people sadly treat mak nyah as freaks. It is a very sad but real situation in Malaysia.

To make matters worse, mak nyah who have undergone sex reassignment surgery (SRS) (which is not permissible in Malaysia for Muslim mak nyah after a fatwa was issued) cannot have their new sex listed on their identity card.


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