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Friday, September 17, 2004

Alarm over use of hormonal injections

The Hindu
By Devesh K. Pandey

The most alarming aspect of the ordeal of the 12-year-old girl, who was abducted from Jehangirpuri in North-West Delhi five years ago and rescued from Agra recently, was that she was administered hormone injections to hasten her physical growth. The police suspect that many other girls like her are being subjected to similar torture aimed at preparing them quickly for the flesh trade.

After being rescued from Sayeed Nagar in Agra, the victim, who has now been brought to Delhi, disclosed that she and her six-year-old cousin were abducted from Jehangirpuri in October 1999 and taken to Sayeed Nagar where both remained together for only one night. She woke up the next day to find that the other girl missing. She had been apparently shifted to some other location. Still in a state of shock, the victim revealed that her captors would beat her and give her injections (hormone) saying it would make her taller and beautiful.
The use of such hormonal injections for hasty physical development had earlier come to light about two years ago when a very wide network of human trafficking being run by a 43-year-old woman named Chhodamani was smashed in Karnataka.

Investigations revealed that Chhodamani used hormone injections, like decadurobolin, and other medicines for rapid physical development of minor girls to make them more "attractive". Several girls rescued from her clutches had revealed the same thing. A senior police officer said such injections were mostly being used in Thailand and Taiwan for similar purposes.


Read the whole column, it's shocking. The sick bastards.


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