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Friday, September 10, 2004

Roses of the North: The Katoey of Chiang Mai University

Transgender in Thailand

By Andrew Matzner

Suwanna, an English teacher at Chiang Mai University (CMU), remembers being puzzled. "The name on the roster said 'Somsak', so I looked for a boy. Instead, a beautiful girl raised her hand - it was quite a shock!"
"Actually, I don't mind when katoey come to class dressed as women. It's when female students dress too casually and don't wear their uniforms to school that I'm really bothered."
Compared with most other Thai schools, Chiang Mai University provides a tolerant atmosphere for transgendered gay men, called katoey in Thai. "Here at CMU katoey can do what they want," declares Gan, who is contemplating sex-change surgery. "There is the freedom to do different activities, and the freedom to study what we want. People don't bother us."


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