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Friday, October 01, 2004

Hijra for nearly ten years Story

Hi my name is Khira from Madras, I'm now 22 years old. I'm a eunuch since the age of 13 years and I earn my living by prostitution. Allthough I'd never been a transsexual, I now live and feel as a very nice looking woman.

My story began, when I was running away from my father ( my mother died five years before ) ,'cause he used to mistreat me for many years. I decided to start a new life in a big City and it should become a completely new live for me.

I took the train to Madras without anything with me. Arrived to Madras, I had to lok for a job to earn my living, but that's been harder than I believed before. Driven by hunger, I sometimes sold my body to men, and by this way I met some hijra-prostitutes ( I didn't anything ‚bout hijras at that time ). They'd been very friendly, and I was glad, ‚cause they offered me a place for sleeping.

After three weeks, living with the hijras, they started a big party, with a lot to drink. After hours and consuming a lot of alcohol, I found out , that this was not only a simply party, but also my castration-celebration, but at that time it's been to late for me to escape.


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