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Sunday, October 03, 2004

State-sponsored torture of TS by the South Korean Government


The British Government, advised on a Tribunal Court ruling, has formally recognised Ana as a refugee on the basis of her torture by the South Korean authorities because of her membership of a particular social group; transsexuals, marking a history - the first ever refugee of South Korean national in the UK.

"Free from torture, free from abuse, no more shouting, no more swearing, no more yelling, no more screaming, no more hitting, no more beating, no more punching, no more baseball batting, no more spitting, no more kicking, no more stepping on, no more knifing, no more cutting my body and disfiguring and disabling it for the rest of my life, no more destroying my life because it gives the South Koreans gratification and pleasure and contentment and happiness to make me suffer with pain and tears in misery, I just hope to have a life, to put all these to an end; that is all I ask from you."


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