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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Lost in a world of man and woman

Melisa Gao
Princetonian Senior Writer

Lost in a world of man and woman: Wang '08, an aspiring artist, is a biological woman who identifies as a man. At universities across the country, students are increasingly questioning traditional gender categories. Wang '08 looked at the staircases to her left and right. They both led to the fitness center in Dillon Gym — one through the men's locker room, the other through the women's. During her first week in college, on her first trip to the gym, neither staircase was right for her.

It was a reminder of the constant division she faces: though biologically a woman, she thinks of herself, in her heart, as a man.

Wang is transgender, casting aside the traditional labels of man and woman to view gender as a spectrum, on which she places herself closer to a man. On that first trip to the gym, she sought to avoid the question by bypassing the stairs to find an alternative route.


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