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Friday, December 17, 2004

Mayor apologises to gay community
18 December 2004

Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard has apologised to the gay community for urging Parliament not to allow civil unions, but wants to read up on additional information before considering a full retraction.

Following a "please explain" letter from the Gay Auckland Business Association for signing a letter urging MPs to oppose the bill - on the basis that the children of gay couples were more likely to be victims of abuse and murder - the mayor met three members of the Gaba executive on Thursday.

The letter was also signed by Mr Hubbard's wife, Diana, Air New Zealand chief executive Ralph Norris and his wife, Pam, and other high profile people such as Alan Duff, of the Books in Homes programme, and former principal Youth Court judge Mick Brown.

Mr Hubbard told the Gaba members that he "deeply regretted" offending members of the gay community and any other community. He told them he was inclusive of the rich diversity of communities in Auckland City, including the gay community.


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