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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Saudi Court rules in favor of transsexual

The following story can fill in a few chapters of a juicy and dramatic soap opera; but, unbelievably so, it is a true story of a young man (woman?) who wanted to fulfill a long-awaited dream to achieve true happiness.

In the oil-rich Saudi Kingdom, a story of a young man, who had turned into a woman, has created uproar, not only due to the fact that he had changed his sex, but also because as a man, he inherited a huge amount of money from his millionaire father.

He transformed his sex only after inheriting. According to Islamic law, as a woman, he would inherit half of what a man inherits. His relatives have filed a lawsuit, accusing him of deception and asking the court to re-divide the inheritance.

A judge has provoked controversy by ruling in favor of the transsexual, whose family tried to strip him of half his inheritance after he turned into a woman, as aforesaid.

In a case that has stirred wide interest in the Saudi Kingdom, the son of the Saudi millionaire was sued by his relatives after they found out that he had secretly spent part of his father's estate on the operation to transform his sex...

Angered by the perceived disgrace he had brought upon the family, his sisters indicated that according to the country's inheritance laws he was entitled to only half as much money as when he was a man!

Now, however, the action has been dropped after a judge in Jeddah ruled that since he was male when he received the inheritance, he was entitled to keep it in full. In the future, however, he will be treated under inheritance law as a woman.

Although the ruling does not challenge Saudi men's superior status in law, the spectacle of the ā€¯conservative judiciaryā€¯ dealing with legal issues of trans-sexuality has caused a stir in the sandy kingdom.


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