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Friday, September 30, 2005

Beauty therapy for Indian eunuchs

By Paddy Maguire
BBC News, Chennai

Eunuchs in southern India are training as therapists and beauticians in a move to integrate them in a society which largely shuns them.
In Tamil Nadu state there are an estimated 150,000 eunuchs (or "aruvani" as they now prefer to be called).
Most eke out a living by begging and many end up working in the sex industry.
The new scheme is the brainchild of M Nikkila, a Madras (Chennai) based beautician and therapist.
"Four years ago I saw one eunuch beggar being mercilessly harassed by the public. These days they have no place in society, no rights, no jobs.
"So I thought I would train them to become beauty therapists. This course is the first step."


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