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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Beyer’s Gender Identity Bill Dumped

MP Georgina Beyer’s Human Rights (Gender Identity) Bill has been dumped from parliamentary consideration, and Prime Minister Helen Clark has said it will not be revived. Beyer blames the Bill’s demise on “a growing climate of intolerance in parliament and society.”

Beyer says the Bill would have protected a minority which is vulnerable to discrimination and currently has no protection under law.

Progress on the Bill through parliament was initially delayed until after the elction because of the sensitive subject matter and right-wing criticism. NZ First leader Winston Peters cited it during the campaign, saying it would result in cross-dressing teachers in New Zealand classrooms. Newly appointed National Party spokesman for the eradication of political correctness Wayne Mapp says the Gender Identity Bill was a classic case of political correctness and he is pleased it will not proceed, as New Zealand does not need a law for “that sort of thing”.

Beyer says she is determined to continue to fight for the rights of transgender people, saying “it will appear that I have lost this battle but the war is not over yet.”


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