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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gay Metis Are Released, But With Conditions

UK Gay News

KATHMANDU, October 5 – The five Metis who were arrested on Sunday in the Nepali capitol were released yesterday, the gay rights group Blue Diamond Society has said.

But the five had to sign an undertaking, prepared by the Hanuman Dhoka police, saying that they “would not promote prostitution and they would not pollute the society again”.

The metis were also told that if they were seen again at night walking the streets of Kathmandu, they would be prosecuted.

One of the Metis, Neema Lams, has denied police reports that she was asked to pay a fine of 1000 Rs on the night of October 2 when the police arrest her. Before taking them to the Hanuman Dhoka police station, police asked for 110 Rs from the Metis for medical check up at Bir Hospital. The police are supposed to pay this fee, BDS says.

The metis denied paying any money to the Police. They claimed that they were verbally abused.

“We would like to thank all the international organizations, friends, media and relatives for their quick support at this difficult time,” the BDS said in a statement.


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