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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

INTERVIEW: Margaret Stumpp talks about transgender

The Empty Closet
By Susan Jordan

Margaret S. Stumpp, PhD. is Chief Investment Officer for Quantitative Investment Management Associates (QMA) – an investment management subsidiary of Prudential Financial. In that capacity, she oversees the investment of approximately $50 billion across a myriad of asset categories. She will be keynote speaker at the Gay Alliance’s Equality Leadership conference on Oct. 21.

Margaret, better known as Maggie, manages, or oversees management of, large asset pools for institutions around the world, including corporations, endowments, public entities and mutual funds. She also directs research on investment strategy and portfolio management and has published numerous articles in publications including The Financial Analyst’s Journal, The Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Investment Management, and Award Papers in Public Utility Economics. Margaret has appeared on CNBC and her research and opinions have been covered in print media around the globe including such publications such as the NY Times, The LA Times and Forbes magazine.

In January 2002, Maggie formally changed genders from male to female. Her workplace transition was the subject of an award-winning article by Adam Geller of the Associated Press, entitled “Call Me Maggie.” She speaks regularly on issues affecting transgendered people in the workplace.
It's a good interview, read it all at 'The Empty Closet'. I'm sad to say I agree with her about all transgender having one thing in common, because it's true.


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