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Friday, October 14, 2005



Dr Richard Curtis has become Britain's first transexual doctor, after switching from a female GP to become a male one.

But some of his patients have not even noticed the swap from Dr Vanda Zadoronzny two months ago.

"Some people have given me a look up and down, and not actually said anything, but one guy asked me if I'd just had a haircut!" he says.

Dr Curtis has made medical history by becoming the first transsexual to be registered as a male doctor by the General Medical Council.

This was only possible after the Gender Recognition Act came into force in April.

As part of his transformation, Dr Curtis is taking testosterone to lower his voice and start growing facial hair.

He also had a hysterectomy in January, followed by a double mastectomy.

But he says this was easy compared to telling his father, an 80-year-old Polish immigrant.

"He initially took it quite well but then the penny dropped and he got a little bit upset, but he's fine with it now," he said.

Dr Curtis' colleagues have been very supportive while he was undergoing his sex change, but some of his patients may not be so accepting.

"There will undoubtedly be a number of patients for whom their relationship with him will alter and perheps they will decide to end that relationship," said Dr Ceri Parsons.


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