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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Three More Gay Metis Arrested and Beaten by Nepali Police

Reports are coming in of the arrest of another three metis in Nepal. A meti is a M-to-F transgendered person

“The police are becoming more and more brutal,” said a spokesperson at the Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Nepal’s LGBT human rights and HIV/AIDS organisation.

“They have arrested three more metis yesterday (October 2). They are members of BDS and are being detained at the Durbar Marg police station.

“Eye witnesses say that they were brutally beaten before being taken to the police station. This is unacceptable [and] very hard for us to survive,” the spokesperson said.

The three are said to still be in police custody and BDS officials are attempting to see them.
The arrest came as Outrage!, which campaigns for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, released a letter that Peter Tatchell had sent on Friday to the Nepali Ambassador in London complaining of police brutality of metis.

“We urge you to convey our concerns to the government and police of Nepal,” Tatchell wrote.
Outrage is calling on the government of Nepal to give an undertaking to:

■ End police violence and sexual abuse of gay and meti people

■ Outlaw discrimination and violence against LGBTs

■ Prosecute police officers and others who victimise lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

■ Guarantee the freedom of the Blue Diamond Society to pursue its human rights work

■ Consult with the Blue Diamond Society concerning ways to promote the safety, health and welfare of gay and meti Nepalese

“If more groups can write to their local Ambassadors, the message will soon get through to the government of Nepal,” Tatchell commented. “It might help reduce the level of state harassment and discourage repression of the BDS.”

Those in the United Kingdon can write to: Ambassador Prabal Rana, Embassy of Nepal, 12a Kensingston Palace Gardens, London W8 4QU. Phone: 020 7229 1594, Fax: 020 7792 9861, Email:

For our readers in the USA, write to: Ambassador Kedar Bhakta Shrestha, Embassy of Nepal, 2131 Leroy Place NW, Washington, DC 20008. Phone: [1] (202) 667-4550, Fax: [1] (202) 667-5534.

Elsewhere in the world, you can contact your local Nepali Embassy. Click HERE for a full list of Nepali Embassies and Consulates.


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