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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Transsexual Beaten For Refusing Sex With Cop

(Katmandu) A transgendered woman says she was beaten by police in Katmandu the capital of Nepal and held in a cell for 24 hours because she refused to have sex with an officer.

Nepal's LGBT rights group Blue Diamond Society said in a statement Tuesday that the woman and a group of gay men were harassed by a police officer in Katmandu's tourist area. Gays and the transgendered have no civil rights in Nepal and are frequently arrested.

The woman's ordeal began when the policeman began groping the 21-year-old woman. When she refused his demand for sex in return for not being arrested she refused.

Blue Diamond said that the office then slapped her and pulled her hair. When her gay friends retaliated the officer went for reinforcements.

A fight broke out and one officer was hit on the head with a stone by one of the gay men
The group was taken to a police station. The gays were questioned, their names and addresses recorded and then were released, with the exception of the man who struck the officer.
Both the woman and gay man, both of whom are HIV-positive were left in a cell and denied their medication.

"The cops were on the lookout to get money and free sex," charged Blue Diamond founder Sunil Pant.

International human rights groups have long criticized Nepal for its treatment of sexual minorities.

In 2004 police in Kathmandu rushed a peaceful demonstration of gays seeking equal rights beating the protestors and dispersing the crowd. (story)

The demonstration, in front of the Himalayan nation's Parliament, the Singha Durbar, had been organized by the Blue Diamond Society. The protestors had gathered to submit a petition to the Prime Minister calling for an end to laws against gay sex and for civil rights.

In April, police in Kathmandu attacked a group of transgender people. (story)


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