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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Transgender ASIA

28 November 2005, Singapore. Ms Leona Lo, a transsexual writer based in Singapore wrote a scathing letter today to The Sunday Times, Singapore, to protest offensive remarks published in its interview with rocker John Molina. In "The Email Interview: Rocker John Molina" (The Sunday Times, Nov 27), the interviewer made reference to Ms Jessie Chung from Kuching who had undergone sexual reassignment surgery to "become" (writer's quotation) a woman, and said the general opinion is that "a normal man can never fall in love with a man-made woman". He asked for Mr Molina's personal thoughts on this.

In her letter to The Sunday Times, Ms Lo said the writer's remarks contain at least two popular misconceptions about post-operative transsexuals, namely, "that straight men cannot fall in love with us and that we are man-made." She wrote, "Let me set the record straight. Transsexual women throughout the world have had loving and enduring relationships with straight men. Lynn Conway, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Emertia, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States of America, and Jessie Chung are two excellent examples. For a complete list of transsexual women successes, please log on to Heterosexual men who are sexually secure have no problems falling in love with and remaining committed to transsexual women. However, based on past experiences, I have to concede that Singapore men may have a problem in this area because they are generally not very secure about their sexuality, which may explain the inherent skepticism in the interviewer's question."

Use the link to read the whole article. Transgender Asia is a wonderful site for information, why not take the time to explore it.


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